Getting Ready For a New Year: 5 Efficient Steps


Life is a journey. We go through different chapters, from failure to success, from loss to win, and from one year to another. These are different experiences that spark the charm of life. 

Mind to give yourself the chance and space to plan your next move! To do so, you need to follow five basic steps mentioned in this article:  

Review your past year

Take a look back at the previous year. Summarize what happened, didn’t go as planned, might have been a little bit better or left behind. Consider this year carefully and use this review to move forward.

A great point about the end of the year is that you can reflect and be better prepared for the future. You may start thinking about personal plans or the time with your family and friends. Remember to do the same with your profession and business, just as you focus on your personal life while setting goals.

Examine both positive and negative aspects. Compare your target position to your actual position in terms of your career, looking for new ways to develop yourself. Ask for guidance from your supervisors and peers and use self-reflection. And you know what? That is what people and creators at groupado are really doing. They are sharing their experiences and best insights with you. 

In your thoughts, be systematic: the more precise is your approach, the better you can see the perspective. This brings us to the next mission.

Conduct a methodological audit

This is where you figure out the hurdles to achievement. For example, are you struggling to lose weight because you don’t have time to work out? Do you spend much time commuting to work? Are you taking any weight-enhancing medication? A few things are likely to get in your way, otherwise you would have accomplished your goal a long time ago.

methodological audit
Find out the issues impeding you from achievements

In order to prepare effectively, it is necessary to define the challenges and categorize them. There are three types of obstacles: those that you can control, those that you can influence, and those that are out of your control. Identify the factors you can manage and build your strategy based on them. In order to take several steps forward, try to disregard the problems that are out of your reach and focus on the real actions instead. 

Be your own challenge and bring your unique capacities and qualities to make a difference. What can you do to make successful attempts? Look at your stakeholders – people who care for you and will support you to achieve success. Are there people who can be your cheerleaders or tools to go forward? Think carefully about the human resources you can use!

Draft New Year resolutions

Resolutions may seem irrelevant, but that’s not the way it needs to be. While just 8% of individuals fully accomplish their New Year goals, according to the Scranton University study, there is nothing wrong with annual reminders to hit a reset and try to do better. Resolutions allow you to state your goals and concentrate on your targets. This way, your resolutions will be a compass leading you to where you want to be, whenever you get lost.

Create a vision board

Before buying new clothes, you have to make some space and get rid of old-fashioned and outdated ones. A vision board helps us to keep on track and seek opportunities that empower us to accomplish our objectives. Vision boards create concepts that make our ideal lives closer to reality. They include an idea with an image. In our eyes, they act as tangible illustrations of the mental pictures we draw. Vision boards are examples of where we want to go, what we want to experience, what we want to buy, how successful we want our firms to be, and how we want to feel at the end of a day (or week, or year – you name it).  

Identify your goals and plan your year

Now comes the time to turn your plans into reality. This is the moment when actions start taking place. We advise to identify a big target for the whole year, plus formulate smaller targets helping you achieve your primary goal. Taking it from there, create an overview of how and when to start achieving your goals with the help of the right strategies. 

Plan your goals
Plan your goals

Remember to review your priorities and your action plan at least four times a year. Due to a number of factors, the priorities may change over the year. So, if the conditions and the context have changed, your priorities shouldn’t be the same.


If you really want to start a successful new year, devote some time to each of these activities. It’s up to you to take your time formulating them – completing them is all that counts.
Finally, always include Learning in your next plan. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” This is one of our essential mottos at groupado.