Welcome to groupado: All-in-one Platform for Content Creators


Content Creators’ capital is their content. It may seem that content creation is as easy as showing yourself in front of your followers and getting paid. However, that’s not the case. Content creation is an entire industry that requires careful planning: from concept to business model and marketing. So, content creators are genuine entrepreneurs. 

There are different useful platforms for content creators with distinct features. YouTube and Instagram are on the top of the list, along with others like Patreon. However, only groupado provides the whole creator’s toolkit. 

Willing to know more? 

In this article we will walk you through the following steps: 

Get featured within a global community

groupado is a global community of creative, proactive, and enthusiastic individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. The platform unites people from all over the world. Digital presence on such a platform definitely saves you a lot of time, especially if you want to scale up your business and take it to the next level – the international level. 

Get featured and showcase your activities globally in just a few clicks –  to create an experience, you will only need 15 minutes of your time. Inside this global community, you will build your own community of clients, friends, and like-minded people around your experiences. The number of users on groupado is growing every month, so the right moment to join is now! 

global community of creators

Free-of-charge platform with unlimited experiences

As a content creator, you don’t need to pay any fees to create an experience and to join the community. Besides, no fees are charged to create an unlimited number of experiences. The mission of groupado is first of all to help talented and passionate content creators develop their talents and start out. 
As we all know, expanding any business requires solid financial investment. So, groupado comes in as a real game-changer. The platform will help you upgrade your brand: simply think globally & forget about the charges.

Online and offline experiences

groupado supports both online and offline experiences. It offers a content creator the tools to build a local community through outdoor activities and establish trustworthy relations by making personal connections with community members. When creating an experience, choose between an online or offline experience and indicate the event location. The guests will be able to discover nearby experiences thanks to a geo-localization search system.

Groupado online class location reasearch

An integrated online video conferencing tool

groupado developed an in-house video conferencing tool, a practical solution to connect creators and their audiences. This free integrated web video conference tool enables the creators to host an unlimited number of online experiences, with unlimited timing, unlimited participants, and all devices’ support. Don’t worry about logistics and third-party tools: thanks to groupado software, you can focus on providing your guests with the best experience content ever instead! 

Create your online experience

Online payment and booking systems

groupado supports an online payment system to receive your income conveniently and securely. A user-friendly payment system is integrated with the ticket booking process. As you can see, all organization issues are on groupado: the platform is in charge of every aspect involved in the event organization. 

Moreover, you can also host a free experience: an event where the guests don’t have to pay any fees to join. This format can actually help you generate more leads and offer trial content before launching a premium version. 

Marketing support and guidance

In addition, groupado is tailored to your marketing & advertising needs. The platform uses a set of digital communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn as well as direct mailing to promote creators’ experiences and events. This way, we support creators in reaching their target audience with the right message. For more details, check out some of our posts: “3 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Tickets to Your Event”, “5 Tips on How to Sell Tickets on your experiences”, “Fitness Trainer | How to Promote Your Online Fitness Class?”. Here you can find great guidance on promoting your experiences.


Content creators face multiple objectives at the same time: How to build communities? How to reach the target audience? How to receive money? How to distribute digital content? How to host events? 

With all these questions and needs in mind, groupado lets you focus on your talent development thanks to an advanced toolkit. Unleash your creativity, do your best and team up with the whole world! 

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