Your guide to creating your first online experience on Groupado

You are one step away from sharing your talent with the entire world. groupado provides you with an innovative tool to show up yourself online. Create an unlimited number of public/private, online/offline experiences. Monetize your talent in a few simple steps! We mean it. Few simple steps!  

Are you still confused? 

No worries!  We are here to help you get started. In this guide, we will go through the process together to create your first experience on Groupado. 

Create your online experience



To begin with, choose online or offline experience format. Click ‘YES’ if you plan to arrange an online meeting or ‘No, I’ll add the address’ if you prefer offline experiences in a certain place.

Create your online experience

Great news!

If you choose ‘YES’ to provide an online experience, you have two following options: to use groupado online conference tool

Create your online experience

or a third-party tool like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

Create your online experience


Define your experience category. What is it about? This step will help the platform show your experience in an appropriate Category, to be easily found by interested people in  Explore Experiences area. 

Create your online experience

Experience type

Are you organizing a public experience where anyone on the platform is welcome to join? Then click ‘Public’. 

Apart from that, you can also create a private experience and share the link to this experience with a specific group of people.

Create your online experience

About your experience


Moving on, you will add further details about your experience, starting with an engaging title that can inspire groupado community to join.  

Next, select the language to conduct your experience. 

Create your online experience

To be more convincing and credible, we advise to upload an attractive profile picture and high-quality images that best describe your experience activity.

Create your online experience

It’s time to write a brief description – a short engaging story to present your experience and tell the guests about key take-aways after completing the session.

Create your online experience

Now that the participants know what to expect from you, you have to mention what you expect from them as well. Therefore, kindly fix the pre-requirements and suitability criteria if needed.

To provide more details, add any guide or presentation to give out before or after the experience. Moreover, list the items that the participants should prepare/have with them during the session. 


Create your online experience

Key details

Are you tired? That’s not the moment to leave everything behind. We are about to finish! 

Just one more step to go! 

Fix the timings: is it a ‘One-time’ or ‘Regular’ experience? Don’t forget to set Time and Date. Next, add the information about an appropriate group (number of participants and age limits) as well as the fees (the experience price). Please mind that you can also offer free experiences open for everyone. This is a great idea to generate leads to your future paid experiences, especially if you are just starting out.  

Create your online experience
Create your online experience
Create your online experience
Create your online experience

Confirm and submit

Finally, have a look at your ‘Experience Preview’ – is there anything left to edit? Read groupado Terms and conditions (active link) as well as Cancellation policy (active link) carefully before submitting.

Create your online experience

Groupado team will go through your application and check your identity as well as experience details to ensure high security and credibility. In less than 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email meaning that your experience is finally online. Congrats on becoming an official member of the Groupado community! 

The entire process will take no longer than 15 minutes. In a few moments you will share your expertise with participants from all over the world, using the unique features offered by groupado. Catch this opportunity to take your talent to the next level – international level. Team up with the whole world! 

We are building a global community full of creative, proactive, and enthusiastic people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Join now!   


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