What can be an experience and how to find an idea for a new one

what can be an experience

Some of those who already make money on groupado already know what to do. They have thrown different experiences and learned from their audience what people want to buy tickets for. However, many of you are missing out on extra income from groupado by having no idea what kind of experience to offer. We hope this post will help give you some ideas.

What experiences are in high demand?

Long story short, here are the top ten experiences people pay for:

1. Art-classes or courses that consist of several classes

2. Workout coaching

3. Make-up/stylist/beauty session and any type of beauty services

4. Kids classes

5. Music classes or courses (both singing and playing)

6. Performing arts classes: dancing, acting, modeling 

7. Cooking classes, especially food decorating

8. Adventures of any type: from horse riding to skydiving 

9. Language courses

10. Craft workshops: from quilting to wood carving

You don’t need special certificates confirming your qualification to sell them on groupado, but beware of unsatisfied clients! If you take responsibility for selling your experience, you should be sure people will appreciate what they have paid for. 

Are there any unusual experiences that can be sold?

Guide services

You don’t need to be a licensed guide to make a clients’ day full of emotions and fun. People love adventures. More and more, travelers are searching for locals to guide them around more than professional guides. If you know any nice route and can tell a story, you can be a guide. 

Timesaving services

You know the cost of free time. In the next few years, services like dog walking, babysitting, cooking lunches for office workers, beauty services at home, will be highly in demand. You can create an experience for these services, and you can even add recommendations from your previous clients to your experience description. 


People are eager to make new memories, impressions, and experiences. The income from this can grow even higher if you are able to throw an adventure in a short time that doesn’t require special skills or preparation. 

Horse riding under the moon, medieval quests with actors, adventures for couples – these are some great ideas. 

How to turn your hobby into an experience

Surprise: your best experience comes from what you already love to do. To decide what you can offer as an experience, you need to answer 3 simple questions:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What part of my hobby is new for most people?
  3. What will people want to get from this experience and what are they ready to pay for?

Let’s figure out, how to use these questions.

What am I good at?I can consult people on how to train catsI can guide people around my city I can cook brownies
What part of my hobby is new for most people?How to fix a cat’s bad behavior Seeing abandoned buildings in my cityHow to make brownies in 30 minutes
What will people want to get from this experience and what are they ready to pay for?Knowledge how to train their catsTaking photos at abandoned spotsTake home a great new recipe
EXPERIENCECat’s behavior fixing workshopAbandoned city photo tourBrownies in 30 min workshop

The power of tandem

In case if you don’t feel confident enough to offer your experience alone, you can find another creator on groupado and make a tandem experience!

What does that mean? Our community is growing fast, new creators come in every day. Find your co-creator on groupado and create a tandem experience as a combination of your skills. The easiest way to contact another creator is to write them directly on groupado when you book the experience. 

How to create a tandem experience:

  1. List what you can offer as an experience
  2. Define the category of this activity
  3. Find co-creators on groupado in this category
  4. Offer to make the common experience

Our creators are very friendly. They are usually happy to start a partnership because they know that 1 + 1 = 3. If you have an audience for your experience, and they have the audience for theirs, together you can attract much more than separately. 

Examples of tandem experience: 

Bartender + Food carving + Cake decoration = Decorating Party Experience 

Art classes (painting) + Meditation = Art Meditation Workshop 

Fitness workout + Yoga = Body Workout + Relax

Do you feel a little more inspired now? If you still need an idea, contact us via support or social media, and we will be happy to help you understand more about what to do on groupado. 

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