Fitness Trainer | How to Promote Your Online Fitness Class?

Online fitness class

Following the coronavirus pandemic crisis, fitness industry witnessed damages and a decrease in activities due to lockdown, with people being afraid of close contacts. 

However, fitness industry as well had a promising chance to go online and adjust the business model. Meaning, moving to the virtual world via online classes. As we have seen, nowadays lots of people are doing exercises at home, sharing them on social media. 

Therefore, as a fitness trainer, you can take advantage of the situation and reach more customers by streaming your sessions as online classes

However, to do so, you first need to promote your online fitness classes so that your potential clients can find you. This combines marketing skills, knowledge of different inbound channels, and the best platforms to make customers and interested people want to buy in.

To help you understand the process, we will guide you through:

What is fitness marketing?

Fitness marketing is about reaching your target customers – knowing how and what to market to them. But first, fix your goals. Are you promoting your gym or your personal brand as a fitness coach? You have to know what exactly to communicate to your target audience. 

Also, think about your customer journey: what are the first channels used to look for gyms and fitness trainers? How do people pay for these online classes?    Marketing is also about keeping your current customers, not only attracting new ones. You wouldn’t market the same offer to your current members as you would to non-members. Therefore, you need to think about providing them with new offers.   

Create your fitness website

The first step to enhance your online presence and showcase your activity is your website. Search engines like Google are the first place where people do their research. You need to be visible through a website displaying your activity, your contact details, and your references. Instead of a website – or as an addition, you can create a landing page that motivates your audience to subscribe and provide their contact details, thus turning them into your potential customers. Besides, it is recommended to be present on several online platforms where your target audience is active and where you can have your personal profile that presents you, such as forums, online communities, social media, and preferably the platforms where you can host your online classes – like Groupado.   

Post fitness articles 

As a rule, blog articles can update your website content and boost SEO. Much more than that, they offer a great way to position yourself among fitness experts

Instructive articles, rich in informational content, help you to reach new customers and a wider audience in general. They contribute to building trust with your audience and establishing a positive relationship based on interaction and engagement. 

Showcase your fitness/workout videos

Video marketing is the best way to promote your product, service, and business among your target audience members. Videos are №1 engaging content form: they generate a high rate of social shares. Also, recent surveys show that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. 

Like articles, videos can perfectly build trust and long-standing relationships with your audience, showcasing your expertise in the form of short video courses, tutorials, and best tips. 

Google and other search engines love video content. Having a video on your website will increase the amount of time people spend on the website, which is good for Search Engine Optimization. Here is another fact: you have 53 more chances of appearing on the front page of Google if you have a well-optimized video on your site. Showcasing your fitness videos is a gate to your online classes. You can make teasers and promos on platforms like YouTube to bring in potential customers who are ready to join your fitness classes.  

Choose your platform to stream your online classes

As we can see, different strategies can be used to attract your target audience and bring interested prospects. However, you also need to think about customer retention, as your customer wants to have a good experience to keep choosing your service. That’s why you need an efficient platform to host your online fitness classes as a fitness trainer. You can host them on your website if you have the software to do so, or you can go for a third party software solution

Do a quick research and choose your platform based on users feedback, features, and services provided. 

Groupado, for example, is one of these solutions. The platform provides you with:

  • exposure within a global community 
  • an integrated online video conferencing tool
  • a scheduled booking system for your customers 
  • a payment gateway service to buy tickets and receive revenues

Focus on people looking for ‘fitness near me’ 

According to research data, many people type ‘fitness near me’ when looking for sport activities. Even if we consider online classes and virtual sessions, people are always looking for local services, as it gives them more trust. It’s all about human psychology. 

Therefore, you need to enhance your local presence by creating your profile on Google My Business, optimizing your content with local keywords, and being present in digital local communities like local Facebook groups. 

Groupado also gives its users advanced research tools like location-focus research. Meaning, other than looking for experiences in a particular category, the user can choose and specify where the experience and the creator need to be.

Groupado online class location reasearch

Jennifer as a case study

Jennifer Chalouhi is a passionate fitness coach. She has her own website that represents her activities and enhances her presence on Google where her customers look for fitness trainers and classes. Besides, she is very active on social media, mainly on Instagram, where she shares her inspiration and the best tips to get fit with an engaged community.

Jennifer - fitness coach

Jennifer also has a YouTube channel to showcase her numerous fitness, workout, and JumpFit videos.

Jennifer fitness coach youtube

Wooow! She is almost everywhere on the web. Good job, Jennifer, keep it up!

Wait! What about being locally present? 

Just type ‘Jumpfit Dubai’ on Google and check the results. She is everywhere on the first page among the very first results.

Jumpfit dubai

Finally, Jennifer chose groupado to host her online fitness classes. And the result is highly engaging and performing experiences. She is one of the top favorite creators on the platform. 

When we asked Jennifer about her experience with Groupado, she said: 

‘I’m really pleased with Groupado platform.

It’s a great way to network and also help your brand create further awareness and reach a larger target audience.

Plus, the team at groupado are so helpful.

Additionally, the App provides a well-organized system to book your sessions and the opportunities to chat with your clients and consumers in order to create a personal touch and connection.

I would highly recommend Groupado to anyone looking to further branch out their brand on a professional platform and for others looking for special experiences.

Thank you Groupado xx

Personal Trainer Dubai’


The digital world offers you so many tools to take your business everywhere and reach your target audience wherever they are. So, as a fitness trainer – affected by the COVID-19 situation – never drop the ball. You have a great opportunity to boost your activity, just market yourself!  

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