Life Coach: Do We Really Need Someone To Coach Our Lives?


Have you ever felt lost and exhausted or needed support? Have you ever been confused about your career and your future plans? 

If yes, you may require a life coaching session.

Another question. Have you ever enjoyed talking to someone who is really experienced in life? 

That is what life coaching is about. 

Are you still confused? 

Keep on reading this article, as we will go through: 

What is a life coach?

Every human being has a promising potential inside. We all need an incentive to unleash our inner potential – and this is what a life coach does. Careful assistance can enhance our self-discovery journey.

Nedra Ghariani a life coach
Nedra Ghariani: Life Coach

A life coach helps you identify your weaknesses as well as strengths. Sometimes multiple options may be available in front of you, but you just don’t see them clearly. A life coach helps you to highlight them and shows you: ‘There they are!’. 

Tony Robbins, one of well-known life and business coaches, defines the term as follows: 

‘A results, a life coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. Coaching may sound like a foreign concept to some, but to compete as a world-class athlete, you need the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective, and insight of a coach. This is just as true for CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, and business professionals. So, what is a life coach? A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results’.

Why do we need a life coach?

People look for life coaches because they are concerned about their future. They want to improve their lifestyle and ensure career growth, but they have no action plan. This applies to anyone, including doctors, actors, creators, managers, business owners, to name but a few. Indeed, many professionals acknowledge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. So, they search for a specialist who has the right methodology and strategy to help them attain their goals. 

What does a life coach do?

Like any other coach, a life coach is the one that helps to identify objectives – and develop a plan to achieve them. Same as a head football coach does, as if you were hiring your Carlo Ancelotti. A life coach is especially helpful when you are planning your overall future. 

So, they will mainly help you to:

  1. Define your needs and establish a clear vision
  2. Identify and modify your goals if needed
  3. Encourage your self-discovery and support your growth
  4. Develop and formulate strategies and action plans according to your goals and vision
  5. Master your control over responsibilities to increase your productivity 

Life coaching misconceptions

We can’t deny the fact that life coaching has become a source of income for many intruders and scammers – an outcome that leads to numerous misconceptions and myths around this field of industry. 

1/ Life coaching does not require training

Going through different life experiences and deciphering a lot of endeavors doesn’t mean that you are ready to be a life coach. Otherwise, we would refer to our grandparents – aren’t they the most experienced individuals? A life coach needs to have particular skills and a proven methodology to deal with your challenges. They have their own principles to put into practice.

2/ Life coaching is a therapy

It’s not the case. While therapy mainly deals with situations related to the past, life coaching’s main focus is on present and future actions. Therapy is analytical, while life coaching is action-oriented. Meaning, life coaches do not diagnose you; instead, they accept your reality and help you to take steps in the right direction.  

A therapist would say: ‘Here are your issues!’. However, a life coach would tell you: ‘Let’s build a plan!’. To know more about the difference between a life coach and a therapist, check out this infographic

3/ Life coaching focuses on problems 

Life coaching is not only for people who face some problems or fail to advance in their careers. Life coaching is also for those who seek to improve their performance or need to focus on particular areas. Whether you want to improve your self-confidence or make more meaningful connections, life coaches can work with different aspects of your life.

How can I choose my life coach?

There are many types of life coaches to choose from. To start with, identify your needs to decide who’s the right fit. During your free introductory session, you can determine if you and your life coach have synergy and connection. If not, you can be matched with a different one.

Besides, check reviews and testimonials online. On groupado, you can find diverse profiles of life coaching experiences Creators and learn more about what they deliver. You can also have a look at the participants’ reviews, like this one from Nedra Ghariani’s profile.

Life coaching reviews


Life coaches believe that every human being has great potential, waiting for an opportunity to show the world their best version of themselves. So does groupado. We believe that every human being possesses unique talents, has their own experiences and their own story to share with the entire world. Much more than helping you to overcome your difficulties, life coaching will highlight your strengths to move forward. This way, thanks to strategical and methodological assistance, you can turn your goals into reality. 


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