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The amount of time spent on social media is terrifying, and it’s steadily increasing: according to the statistics, the average time users spend on social media was 142 minutes per day in 2018, reaching 2.5 hours in 2019 and 3 hours in 2020 respectively. Devoting so much time to watching toxic content or reading fake news, you would never strike a healthy life balance, right?
We agree that we live in a digital world, so acquiring a solid digital culture is important. However, we need to take advantage of the tools and opportunities this new world provides. Today we enjoy access to numerous online resources allowing us to develop a diverse set of skills. Platforms like groupado are a one-stop option to get the best of surfing the web. Fancy learning to play music? Starting this exciting hobby – by yourself or together with your family and children – you can hone useful soft skills to make a difference in your professional as well as personal life.

Benefits of learning music

Achievements and responsibility

Learning music teaches individuals, especially children, to work towards short-term goals, practice self-control and develop commitment and patience. Apart from that, mastering a new piece of music leads to a sense of pride and achievement, highlighting the value of self-discipline.

Music increases brain activity

Multiple studies have proven that understanding a musical language can benefit a child’s overall mental development. Figures show that the students who study music are more successful on standardized tests and are also likely to achieve better grades at high school.

Further research reveals that musical training physically develops the left side of the brain, known to be involved in processing language and reasoning. No matter the age, taking up a musical instrument can be challenging. However, those who learn music start to be disciplined in their training, since such an attitude is the key to success.

Thus, by experiencing that practice and hard work are essential for reaching their goals, children will learn a valuable life lesson.

Music lets you focus and relieves stress

Playing a musical instrument or attending a musical class demands total attention. As a result, music is considered a great stress-relieving tool that calms the mind and enhances concentration.


Music is a form of self-expression

Music can also help a person manage their feelings better by expressing them through a new language. This way, people can exteriorize their emotions thanks to the instrument they are playing.

Music can improve social skills

Music is often played in a group, therefore all players cooperate harmoniously and acquire crucial team-working skills. In order to improve the performance, attending rehearsals and practicing is essential as well. Moreover, working towards a single goal helps to enhance social skills.

‘Children who take part in music develop higher levels of social cohesion and understanding of themselves and others’, says Dr. Alexandra Lamont, Lecturer in the Psychology of Music at the University of Keele.

Music classes on groupado

Guitar class

Guitar classes are among the most popular experiences on groupado platform. Dane Dsouza is contributing his 15-year experience to offering various classes for children as well as adults. Through his online guitar classes, your kids will learn how to spice up basic chords, add simple melodies to chord progressions and percussion. Besides, he delivers an advanced guitar class for adults.
Another experienced guitar instructor, Rizwan Yaqoob Ali, created a tailor-made class for those who want to learn the basics as well as play different types of guitar: from acoustic to electric or bass guitar. By the way, he also offers an offline guitar class in Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. 

Piano class

Yulia Artemieva is an inspiring Russian piano instructor. She shares her passion with groupado community, conducting a number of online piano classes for beginners as well as for advanced levels. 
If you want to book a piano class for your kid, look no further: Maria Sierra is the best choice! Maria boosts the beneficial effect of learning music on the kid’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being – that’s why she provides online piano classes for kids

Handpan class

Ever heard of a handpan instrument and hang music? A handpan is shaped like an overturned pan, and as some people say, it looks like an UFO or a turtle’s shell, doesn’t it? It has such joyful and amazing vibes. Go to Anas Halabi’s Youtube channel or instagram to enjoy these awesome rhythms!

Anas Halabi is a number one handpan teacher and instructor in the Middle East. This unique artist chose groupado to share his passion with you and build a handpan community, for he truly loves what he does. During his online handpan class, he will accompany you on your kick start journey into the world of handpan. He will help you learn the basics and create a perfect foundation for developing your playing skills.

handpan music instrument class with Anas Halabi


The world of music is a great discovery and an amazing source of information and inspiration both for children and adults. As we can see, learning to play a musical instrument boasts countless advantages: it aids at developing social and mental skills, helps us build the principles of healthy lifestyle and express our ideas in a brand new way. Embark on this art journey together with groupado: take up a new activity to make your life bright! 

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