How to Earn Money Sharing Your Experience

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How to earn money on groupado

Social media has made numerous people influencers. Some are micro-influencers, while others have millions of fans. And then there are the people who genuinely love what they’re doing and are just sharing their enthusiasm with others. These are the people we are looking for at Groupado

A global community, groupado is on the lookout for people who are ready to become the ambassadors of the groupado idea: experiencing new activities and impressions with a group of people you love. All you have to do is engage influencers, tastemakers or bloggers to promote or participate in an event organized in collaboration with groupado. And get paid for the result.

You can be an ambassador and a groupado experience creator at the same time. If you have subscribers on your Youtube channel, permanent clients at your shop or devoted fans of your music – you are the person we look at groupado. Every tour guide, makeup artist, hiker, pottery teacher, photographer or professional scuba diver can become a groupado experience creator and earn money by attracting more people to their hobbies. Groupado makes it convenient to convert talent into income.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose an experience you want to share.
  2. You register your experience in groupado.
  3. You tell your followers about the groupado experience you’re hosting.
  4. People start signing up for your activity.
  5. You earn money doing what you love.
  6. You tell your colleague or friend who has some audience himself about groupado.
  7. He or she creates an experience, and you earn money from their events as well.

And don’t you ever think that your experience is dull or people aren’t going to sign up for your offer. We’ve compiled a list of tips for everyone who would like to become a groupado experience creator but is still shy.

Why People Start Their Courses

First off, why even bother starting a course, gathering tour groups, teaching newbies to dance salsa? Because each of us is a teacher inside. And a bit of a show-off. You know how you want to tell everyone about that awesome new show you’ve seen? That’s the feeling our experience creators have when they offer groupado users an activity. And once they see more people signing up, the feeling is like finding other people who’ve enjoyed the show just as much. And getting paid for that.

If you’re still doubting, here a couple of reasons why personal courses are a good idea. First of all, you convert your popularity into income. Next, you become self-employed. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up in the morning and know that everything you plan to do will benefit your business? On top of that, no one else makes decisions concerning your brand because it is you who are in charge. And after all, courses and seminars pursue commercial interests, so you get an opportunity to monetize your time doing what you love. 

We bet everyone has the experience to share:

  • If you’re a personal trainer, offer group workouts in the park.
  • If you’re a makeup artist, organize small groups to teach people to quickly do everyday makeup.
  • If you like hiking, gather more people to accompany you on your favorite track.
  • If you’re the master of baking, organize a one-day cheesecake baking masterclass.
  • If you like playing Dungeons and Dragons, organize local weekly tournaments.
  • If you’re a comic book enthusiast, gather people for fun quizzes.
  • If you love your city and know interesting parts of it that are far from popular tourist attractions, you can show them to more people.

Being a groupado experience creator makes you the boss of yourself, who’s getting paid to teach others your hobby, and if you’re also a groupado ambassador, you get paid extra for attracting influencers. Cooperating with groupado will also give you a great start to your future personal brand or courses. Aren’t you excited? 

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