How to become an influencer and why do you should do this

how to become an influencer

Talent is money. No. Wait, it is something else. Time is money! No. Not that. Hmm…I got it! Fame is money!

Let us explain. The 2020s is a decade of memes. Memes are a true secret power of business now. Once an idea is put into memes, it spreads around the world and brings money to owners. Albert Einstein predicted these changes and described the speed of memes as a speed of light + a little bit more. 

Why are memes that powerful? Well, simply put, it is because people like memes. People follow memes. These pictures make us feel united with the rest of the world. The real value of memes is their influence and people’s willingness to like them. Memes define the rules nowadays: what unites people make money. 

Now, how can you use that information? Friedrich Nietzsche said that you lived not for nothing if your photo became a part of a meme. But this level of success is very hard. You could become an influencer instead, which is much more real and tangible.

Why be an influencer?

Who is an influencer? It is a person who has many followers, people who learn from them and admire their lifestyle (even copying them). 

We wish we could say an influencer status helps to make money, but the truth is that you HAVE to be an influencer to earn more than an ordinary office worker nowadays. Followers support is the best tool to make your work more profitable.

On groupado, if you want to earn real money, you need to be an influencer with many followers because some of them will be your actual clients, and others will tell their friends about you, who could also be clients. 

Time is limited, so you can’t offer your experiences to thousands of people yourself. You have to delegate, and by being an influencer, you delegate promotion to your followers with ease. 

How to become an influencer

Dylan Stewart (@travelingnextlevel on Instagram) has over 85 thousand followers and gives great recommendations in his book 5 Days to Influencer Status. 

  1. Ask yourself why you follow certain influencers on social media to help discover it for yourself. 
  1. Decide what kind of content you can produce to make yourself a value-based influencer. The “value-based” means that people have both emotional and logical reasons to follow you. For example, your information is well-structured to learn (logical reason) and your pictures look like a fairytale and create a special atmosphere (emotional reason).
  1. Make a schedule for your posting. Divide week to 7 topics and stick to the plan.
  1. Look what’s trending in the news and find how to connect your content to it. Open YouTube and check what has gone viral in the last few days in your particular topic.
  1. Always invest time in your business. Learn business models and find out how to become attractive for brands to pay you for promoting their goods. 

Additional tips for the audience growth

You definitely can be an influencer even if you don’t have any talent (but of course you do), but you will never be a star without an audience. So the most important number for you now is the number of your followers. It has a direct impact on your income. 

Here are some tips to grow your follower numbers fast. 

  1. When posting on Instagram, use popular related hashtags.
  2. Follow people so they can follow you back, start with your friends and people that know you. 
  3. Make posts regularly, every day if possible.
  4. Add text that is interesting to read. You can ask your friends to advise you on how to make it more interesting.
  5. Share links to your Instagram everywhere when it is possible and appropriate: if you’re giving a speech or during an experience. 

Remember, take one first step and you will be one step closer to your dream. We at groupado support you and believe in you!

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