How I grew a large number of clients using groupado and Instagram


Despite using groupado for only 3 months, (I joined when it was in testing) I now have over 90 new clients for my theatre courses. I will tell you my story and you can try to repeat my success.

I’m an office drone. From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm I work a job in a white collared shirt and black skirt. On Friday, our office rules allow us to wear anything, and I still find myself wearing a white shirt and black skirt all over again. From 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, however, my life changes drastically. You see, I’m an actress. I work in a theatre at night and have been doing this for 10 years now, but this theatre work doesn’t bring me any income– it’s social and free for anyone to join. From time to time we schedule new castings because, as you know, most talented actors are not willing to make zero salary, and they leave our team. These circumstances make us teach newbies again and again.

 I have my own method to teach actors, as I have a lot of experience, but I needed to attract new people to the theatre. I realized that I could even maybe make money from it! I started with Instagram. I led the theater’s Instagram page and started posting photos of our workshops, plays, and castings. I would tell people about our theatre life and advertise new plays. Then I tried to find students who would pay for an acting course, using only Instagram. 

I would describe to our audience about these acting courses and I would highlight that they did not need to have any previous theatre experience. Many people have dreams of stardom and fame and they believe that acting is the easiest work in the world. They think that being an actor is to give autographs and that people would notice you on the streets and you would live in constant luxury– and other fictions. The fact is, being an ordinary actor in my country means you probably don’t even have a car and you need to have a day job (that’s why I work at the office too). However, people are inspired, and all that they want from the course is to feel that they have talent. The most interesting part is that they really do have talent and 90% of them actually show it at the end through work and dedication.  

How to handle and engage Instagram followers?

If you want to find people willing to make their lives brighter, go to Instagram! This is my experience.

Step 1: 

Show people the image of the “bright life”.

I started posting about acting classes 2 months before the new course would start. I would tell the audience about the actor’s life and invited them to be part of the course. Here is one of my posts:

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 Step 2:

Engage your audience to interact. 

When a person left a comment on my post, I wrote to them directly, asked them about their lives, mood and goals, then we discussed acting and I offered them an opportunity to attend my course. 

Step 3: 

Try advertising.

When I reached 30 people interested in the course, I still had one more month until the start date. I began advertising to get at least 30 more because I knew that 50% of them would not come until the end. I made a short video and created an ad based on it, using Facebook Ads. I spent $100 on advertising (that is equal to the course price per person) and reached 52 people who applied to attend courses. 

We got at least 40 interested students!

The Start of the Course

On day 1, only eight people came. 8 of 82 interested. And, if you remember, I spent $100 on advertising, so I made a total of $700 for the 7 days, working 4 hours per day. $300 of that sum was spent on room rental, snacks, and certificates for participants. In the end, I really only made a profit total of $400 for almost 30 hours of work, when you factor these variables together. 

The second take

I told this story to a friend of mine, Hanna, who is from the groupado team, and she encouraged me to try their new tool for creating experiences. The tool was raw and they were still testing it, but Hanna told me a very wise thing. She thought perhaps many people didn’t come to my course because they didn’t have the possibility to pay for it online, at the moment when they were initially inspired to want to attend. Indeed, most of them agreed to come 1 month before the start, and, one week before the start, they could have lost their inspiration. 

I really liked this idea. I also liked that on groupado, I didn’t need to provide all those documents required by other booking systems. 

My Experience with groupado

I signed up and spent almost 6 hours to fully learn the tool and how to create an experience. I created my first groupado “Acting Course” experience and it was approved in just 3 hours. My new course was arranged for November 30, and I posted the experience on November 10. Then I began adding the link to my experience when posting new content on Instagram. 

Groupado was a brand new tool and some people were worried about it. Stats showed me that 3 people had come to the website during the day when I did the first post with the link, but they didn’t buy. In two days, one individual sent me a direct message on Instagram. She asked how she could pay for the course and I assured her that she could easily pay on groupado. 

The next morning,  I got my first online payment! It was the same woman that had asked me directly. Right after she booked the courses, I sent her a message that she was now included in the list of students.


Hanna was right. Trying to attract people via Instagram you need to give them an opportunity to pay online, especially if there are some days between the booking and the experience. 

In 29 days, I received 24 online payments on groupado and only 3 people asked to pay by cash. Two of the cash-paying individuals attended the course whereas all of the students who paid online showed up. 

Once the course finished, I set up a new experience and now I make two 7-days courses per month. With groupado, I created 3 courses with 26, 34 and 30 people booked for each of those experiences.

This is day 5 of the latest course. The man on the stage is sharing his musical number with us

I was very surprised because groupado helped me get new students very easily from my existing audience. Many more people started following my account online, and although some I have never met, it appears I can still help encourage them to be real actors!

I will continue with two courses per month, and I believe with groupado they will be a great success. 

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