How do You Find Your Audience on Social Media

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As a new creator, you are probably in search of potential customers. Finding them can be challenging, but not impossible. 

Try joining themed groups, chats and channels where like-minded people connect and interact with each other. On Facebook, there are groups with thousands of members who are dedicated to a certain hobby. For example, Woodwork and Furniture Makers Project is perfect for those interested in creating craft workshops. You can join it, network with the members and look for potential participants of your groupado experience. Or if you’re into sports, try Bleacher Report. This is a gigantic sports community with lots of followers and shares from all around the world. Visiting Beauty Bakerie would be a great choice if you want to create an experience dedicated to beauty or makeup.

Finding an audience isn’t hard:

  1. Go to the social media platform of your choice.
  2. Find a hobby page with a large audience.
  3. Reach out to page influencers and/or participants.
  4. Share your experience and sit back.


How You Can Share With Others About Your Knowledge 

Yes, everyone can become an experience creator on groupado, however, more people will sign up for your experiences once they already know you via social media or offline, or they can see how experienced you are. Sounds redundant, but hear us out. If groupado users have to choose between two similar experiences, they would probably pick the one where the creator looks more professional and knowledgeable. Your expertise needs to stand out. After all, if you keep your hobby to yourself, no one will believe you’re good at it.

Work on your brand a bit. We’re not talking about creating a website with a logo, but working on a blog where you share fun stories about your hobby could be beneficial. If you don’t have a blog, there is always Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, heck, even Quora. If a potential attendee sees that you have a Facebook group dedicated to your hobby, where you talk about your experience on Twitter, sees photos of you doing it on Instagram and stumbles upon your answers on the topic on Quora, no one could really doubt your expertise.

Estimating Your Knowledge or Skill

They say: “Work until your idols become your rivals.” And while this may sound a bit harsh, the saying does point you in the right direction. If you’re offering an experience, you have to be versed enough to be teaching or leading it.

You can always try testing your skills on platforms like MindTools. Courses, diplomas, and certificates will also help, but, to be honest, all that really matters is your approach to do the job and your desire to be heard. People follow those who inspire.

How to Start Making Money with groupado 

We appreciate the work of talented experience creators and creative and energetic ambassadors and groupado rewards all of them. Monetization of the time invested in creating events and experiences is a priority for groupado because the more you get involved, the more people hear about us. Everyone will benefit from this teamwork: the attendees get new experiences and memories, the creators and ambassadors get money, and the platform gets more attention from the public.

So, don’t hesitate and become a groupado creator today!

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