Get in Shape with These 3 Online Classes During Lockdown

online classes to get in shape

Lockdown does bring us some brightness – first of all, the extra time we should enjoy. Suddenly, it feels that our 24-hour days are longer than before. Finally, we can make time to work, take up new hobbies, watch movies, stay in touch with the community – and do whatever makes us happy. You have no more excuses not to look after the ‘shape of you’. There has never been a better time to take care of yourself: doing exercises brings you lots of benefits.

It’s really easy to find an excuse to avoid lockdown workouts, but your health is not just about staying physically in shape — you need to keep active to feel mentally strong as well. Exercise is great for mental health, and at a time where it’s all about uncertainty and anxiety with a daily dose of doom and gloom, we all need to work out this frustration somehow! It also really helps to boost your immune system when you need it the most in the battle with the virus. 

A lot of gyms are now offering free online fitness classes through Zoom, Instagram Live, and other streaming platforms. Same way, with a quick search on “Explore Experiences” page of groupado, you will find a bunch of engaging online classes. 

At groupado, we like sharing useful information with you. Here comes the list of different online classes to join on our platform & get back in shape during the lockdown.

Online bodybuilding class

International bodybuilding coaches, like Coach Ayoub, Jay R, and James Mark Banzon, opt for groupado to host their online bodybuilding classes. Thanks to the booking/payment system and our in-house video streaming tool, groupado is the number-one choice of many talented and skilled creators around the world. 

At this online bodybuilding class, Hari Flugaj shares intensive weight lifting and strength training to let you enjoy long-lasting health benefits. 

Online Bodybuilding Class

Online fitness class

Don’t worry – you won’t skip your fitness sessions while the gyms are temporarily closed. Select your preferred online fitness classes on groupado – and stay active!

At these online sessions, you will move through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and functional fitness to keep up with your daily lifestyle during this period.
Ladies and kids are no exception! Here is an online fitness coaching for ladies to help you improve your posture, strength, and flexibility. Besides, we have a class for kids to help them maintain a healthy balance during this time. This would also keep them away from social media and useless digital content. 

Online fitness class
Online fitness class

Online boxing class

For all ‘noble art’ enthusiasts, different online sessions are hosted on groupado platform. Coach JR and many others have chosen groupado to stream their online boxing classes

Since people may lose concentration under pressure, boxing sessions can help them avoid that because of the acquired speed, agility, and most importantly, hand-eye coordination. Those are much-needed skills for your children as well. Have a look at our well-tailed online boxing classes for kids.

We can’t deny that there are many negative emotions to deal with during the COVID-19 pandemic. We all face this health battle, and the best weapon is to be prepared and have a healthy body. Enjoy the extra time you have to the fullest and take good care of the ‘shape of you’!

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