3 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Tickets to Your Event

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In a perfect world, tickets to your event would sell out in minutes. But in real life, there are numerous reasons why people don’t buy tickets to your event. Most event planning, organizing and promoting feels like you’re preparing for a marathon. You know that in the end, it’s going to be amazing, yet training, planning and making preparations can drive you crazy. 

Selling event tickets can be tricky and many event planners struggle with it. How do you choose the optimal ticket price? How can you attract more participants? How do you make sure people won’t regret the money and the time they spent? There is a lot to consider when planning and pricing an event. 

Don’t worry, groupado can help you out. We’ll tell you how to attract a broad audience, create a buzz around your event and increase the chances of your tickets selling like hotcakes. 

You Focus Only on the Event–Not the Experience

As you map out your groupado event, think about what you want your participants to feel and experience. Anybody can put together an event, but transforming it into an experience for the attendees is a whole other level. 

Try to learn from the best. Let’s say you and your friends are off to a Web Summit, the annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. The speeches are great, the food is diverse, people from different countries network with each other at the conference and the afterparties are a lot of fun. All in all, you and your friends have a wonderful time. Then when you come back home, you can’t stop talking about your experience with everyone around you, which in turn creates more buzz and makes more people want to go next year. While the Web Summit organizers sold you a physical product – the ticket – they didn’t stop there. They sold you an experience, emotions, and memories, which is much more powerful. 

From a business perspective, selling experiences instead of events has enormous value. It is all about perception and how you make people feel when they attend. Organizing an event is not enough, but creating an environment where people can connect, transform, relax, learn and have “wow” moments is essential for a groupado creator.

You Chose the Wrong Places to Promote

The best way to promote your groupado experience is, of course, through social networks. Many people mistakenly believe that the more channels you use, the more people will be interested in your experience. The trick is how you promote your event and which network your target audience visits most. 

When people consider buying a ticket to your event, they will search what and how you present on social media. Every action, post, picture or video that you upload to social media will impact your experience promotion. Event planners agree that social media provides the most pre-event engagement:


For instance, if you’re looking for a social network to get started, Facebook is likely to be the best choice. With 1.59 billion accounts, Facebook is so far considered the largest and most visited social network. It is an excellent choice for creating event pages, engaging with your followers, sharing experience updates and photos afterward. On top of that, you can set up a paid promotion to your selected target audience.

Also, don’t forget about Instagram. If you’re considering using it for promotion, though, put effort into making eye-catching visual content. Also, remember that consistent and frequent posting is the best tactic for engaging as many people as possible. 

Regardless of the channel you use for groupado experience promotion, always consider the portrait of your target audience and analyze which social media they use most. 

You Overestimated or Underestimated Your Work

People tend to make unrealistic expectations about the time and effort necessary to complete tasks. The Economic Model of the Planning Fallacy research suggests that people often underestimate the work involved in completing tasks, which leads to finishing later than expected and doing large chunks of work right before the due date.

As a groupado creator, you have to be accurate about your estimations and be aware of the tendency to underestimate the amount of time setting up your experience may take. Be realistic and set less enthusiastic deadlines than you’d like to. If you work with a team, ask each member to evaluate their time frameworks so that you could roughly estimate the amount of time needed to prepare your experience. 

Now that you have read over a few tips from us to implement into creating your perfect experience, it is time to create. Use your expertise to create and sell a memorable experience and not just tickets to an event. Choose the right social media platform to promote your experience and make realistic expectations to plan and follow through with goals and completing tasks. Now use these tips and start to earn income with your new go-to tool groupado. You are ready to become an experience creator and not just another event host! 

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